Frost Has No Right To Determine My Career – Chong Wei

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 7 — National badminton ace Datuk Lee Chong Wei said the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) technical director Morten Frost had ‘no right’ to determine his career.

Irked by Frost’s action who seemingly could not wait for him to retire, Chong Wei stressed that the decision to hang up his racket would only come from him and not by the ‘orders’ of the technical director.

Chong Wei lost his cool after learning Frost had told a close associate that his (Chong Wei’s) latest injury was ‘the end of his career’ as a badminton player.

He suffered a Medical Collateral Ligament injury while training at the Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM) in Bukit Kiara on Saturday (Feb 4).

According to him, this was not the first time Frost had done so, as he had even raised the matter after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last year.

What annoyed Chong Wei was that his latest injury could have been avoided if Frost and BAM general manager, Lawrence Chew had heeded his call to change the rubber mats of the courts at the ABM.

“I had asked them to change it many times…I did not ask for a new one, but just to transfer the old surface from Stadium Juara, however, the calls were ignored.

“Now, after my injury, they are replacing it. Why do it after the (injury), when several other players had also slipped and fell in the past,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

Disappointed to learn of Frost’s reaction to his injury, Chong Wei said: “Of course I am upset, the decision to retire is mine, not his. Before this I kept my silence, however, this time I cannot hold it back anymore.

“If I get injured during a tournament, I can accept it but not when during training,” he said, adding he would now have to wait three to six weeks to nurse the injury.

Chong Wei said he had no problems with any party as his sole focus was to play badminton for the country and always remained open to BAM’s decision on his career.

He said he represented the country not because of money or fame but for the love of badminton.

“I’m still in action today not because of money or fame, I have faced many ups and downs throughout my career, but I want to continue playing due to my love for the sport.

“Even Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin never told me to retire, why him (Frost)? Khairy had asked about my condition after the (latest) injury, I said this time my condition is not good,” he said.

Meanwhile, Frost when contacted by Bernama declined to comment.– BERNAMA

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