18 nabbed over rowdy motorcyclists video

PETALING JAYA, Apr 21 – Police have come down hard on a group of rowdy motorcyclists who caused a commotion outside a school, after videos of the ruckus went viral Thursday night.

In a tweet Friday morning, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said 18 individuals had been nabbed for their alleged involvement in Gang 24. He said they included 13 students and five others who had been picked-up in the vicinity of Klang.

He warned of more arrests.

He also thanked members of the Special Taskforce on Organised Crime (Staffoc) for swiftly swooping down on the culprits and said, “Congratulations STAFFOC @PDRMsia, 13 students and five others arrested around Klang. Many more will be arrested for being involved in Gang 24 activities.”

Last night, two videos showing the motorcyclists lighting fire crackers, shouting, holding up banners and revving their machines went viral.

In a 45-second clip, the men wearing crash helmets, are seen running helter-skelter waving banners that read TD4 24. One is seen swinging a long string of crackers that is set alight and explodes in the air with loud bangs.

Some schoolboys in the video, alarmed at the commotion and smoke-filled air, are seen walking away covering their noses.

According to The Star, another video, lasting 1.14 minutes, shows the motorcyclists doing more of the same – shouting and waving banners as their rev the motorcycle engines causing a din.

According to the English daily, the commotion erupted after school hours as many students were seen walking away trying to avoid the motorcyclists.

The second video opens with a close-up of a cake with the words “SMK Sri Andalas”, “24” and “Apache” written on it.

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