BN warned of losing Orang Asli votes in GE14

CAMERON HIGHLANDS, Dec 7 – A political activist in Cameron Highlands has warned Barisan Nasional against taking Orang Asli voters there for granted.

Speaking to FMT, he said BN would do well to remember what happened in the Pos Titom voting district in 2013. He claimed that his survey among Orang Asli voters indicated that there was now much unhappiness in other voting districts as well.

In the last election, 160 voters cast their ballots in Pos Titom. DAP won 87 votes and BN won 24.

“This was because the Orang Asli were angry with BN for repeatedly failing to build proper roads to their village,” said the activist, a Semai tribesman. He told FMT not to mention his name.

He said he found that many members of the Orang Asli community felt insulted by BN because it would pay attention to them only when elections were approaching.

“Do they think we don’t realise this? Do they think we are that stupid and backward? We have been voting for them all this while and this is how they treat us.

“Remember Titom. The same thing can happen elsewhere.”

When asked why many of the Orang Asli kept voting for BN in election after election if they were unhappy with the government, he said they did not know much about the opposition parties until recently.

“The Orang Asli live mainly in remote areas to which access is difficult,” he said. “Only the government, with its machinery, could access these areas.

“For many years, the opposition did not get any traction with us. Only in the last few elections have the opposition begun connecting with us.

“In their absence, it was only natural that the Orang Asli would keep voting for BN.”

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